Ian Nene, a former actor of a Local Tv show in Kenya, claps back at haters for calling him gay. The young actor famously known by the name Almasi raised eyebrows after posting some photos on Instagram. The critics said that his fashion style was feminine, after been sported with dress-like clothing.

The critics who are his fans also said that he looked mentally unstable and even called him gay on Instagram. Almasi fashion culture has evolved drastically from the previous innocent self. People went on asking for the comeback of the innocent Almasi, unlike the current Almasi who has made people second guess him.

The former citizen TV actor of Machachari is currently studying Marketing abroad in Kent Canterbury, in the United Kingdom. After people questioned his behaviour after going to the states, he claimed that no one had the right to judge him. He also added that some people’s colossal ego is the reason they want to tarnish his reputation.

Almasi Stated:


“Someone Asked Me What My Style Is… I basically Take Things From My Wardrobe and Mix and Match Them Till I Find The Best Fits Or Just Wear All Black and Get out The House. OoohAnd Vans work with EVERYTHING!! Such an Investment.”

HE Added:

“I won’t waste anyone’s time clarifying any of the fake ass stories that are trending. All I’ll say is, if it doesn’t come out of my mouth, or my personal social media handles, then DO NOT believe it all! Period.”

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