Numerous Kenyan men experience challenges when it comes to dating. Some fail completely when they try to approach women, while others find themselves flirting from one short-term relationship to the other.

However, according to experts and men who find dating easy, simple alterations can help men record more success in the dating scene.

These simple changes include:

Lower your expectations for first dates

High expectations, especially on first dates, may cause many men to have difficulties in dating. According to a Reddit user, it is counterproductive to go into a date expecting one thing or the other

Doing so only sets up one for disappointment. It is better for a person to allow themselves to be surprised. Allow yourself to welcome negative surprises or negative ones.

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Kenyan Men should Invest in yourself

Love yourself before another person can love you. If you are not taking of yourself, for example having low esteem, and it shows, you may find it hard to attract a lover.

You need to get in shape, dress well, and also be aware that dating itself costs money. For you to get satisfying results, you have to treat dating as an investment.

Step out of your comfort zone

Introverts and shy people find have a difficult time to feel comfortable with people they are not familiar with.

The idea of going to clubs and other crowded places leaves makes them break into a cold sweat. However, doing only what feels comfortable to you will lead to less success with women.

While you may never fully get rid of your social anxiety, the end results of stepping into the deep end could be highly satisfying.

Get rid of your ego

Some men experience difficulties in dating because their ego cannot stand the potential rejection that is part and parcel of the dating game.

But in order to meet a potential soul mate, you have to be willing to maturely deal with rejction.

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Appear more confident

It is said that women find confidence in men sexy. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with natural confidence.

Be aware that insecurity can be a turn-off to a potential mate. Here, the adage “fake it till you make it” rings true. It is not about actual confidence, but perceived confidence.

Act as if you are a confident person until you finally become confident.

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