After the Jubilee government deported him, “General” Miguna Miguna is presumably still in Canada. The fiery politician was deported after becoming a thorn in the flesh for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

Miguna MIguna, however, is not the first person to make headlines for getting hounded out of Nairobi. Since the colonial times, through to the Kenyatta, Moi, and Kibaki eras, several individuals have found themselves forcefully strapped onto plane seats on a one-way ticket out of the county.

  1. 1 Mrs. Ernestine Hammond Kiano

    The fiery American lady was married to Kenya’s pioneer Ph.D. holder and cabinet Minister Julius Gikonyo Kiano

    Dr. Kiano finally tired of her habit of publicly embarrassing him and pleaded with President Moi to deport her to the United States.

    Moi acquiesced. In a Kenya Gazette notice on June 4, 1966, Moi ordered Mrs. Kiano deported, accusing her of “showing herself by act and speech to be disloyal and disaffected towards Kenya.”

  2. 2 Dr. Annanlena Tonneli

    An Italian nun by profession, she ran afoul of the Moi government after compiling a report on the Wagalla Massacre, and handing it to an American “diplomat.”

    For her sins, Internal Security Minister Julius Ole Tipis hounded out of her Catholic mission in Wajir.

    She ended up in Somaliland and was later shot dead in 2013.

  3. 3 Sheikh Khalid Balala

    Perhaps one of the lesser-known agitators for multi-party democracy in Kenya.

    Known for his fiery views on Kenyan politics, Sheikh Balala made a tactical error by visiting Germany when his Kenyan passport was about to expire.

    When he tried to renew it, the Moi government blocked his attempts and declared him a non-Kenyan on the premise that he was descended from Yemen.

    He only got back his Kenyan citizenship in 2002, at the onset of a new political dispensation in the country.

  4. 4 Cyril Ramaphosa

    The current President of the Republic of South Africa once fell victim to the machinations of Kenyan politics.

    In 2008, as then Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and politician Raila Odinga were battling for political supremacy, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and a panel of African leaders recommended Ramaphosa to arbitrate dialogue between the two Kenyan leaders.

    However, hours after landing, the Kibaki government ordered the South African to leave the country.

    Reason? Ramaphosa had close ties to Raila Odinga.

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