1. 1 Do you like travelling alot

    1. yes
    2. no
    3. sometimes
    4. Am not sure
  2. 2 How often do you like drawing

    1. very often
    2. I don't draw
    3. Sometimes
    4. Am not sure
  3. 3 Are you very passionate about helping people

    1. Very passionate
    2. I don't enjoy helping people
    3. Not really
    4. Only if am in place to help
  4. 4 Do you like gossiping alot

    1. Yes i gossip always
    2. No i mind my own business
    3. Not really
    4. I like gossip but not that much
  5. 5 Do you like music a lot and you are not very picky on the music type

    1. Yes of course
    2. Not that much
    3. Yes but Rnb's only
    4. Yes dance hall my favorite
  6. 6 Are you afraid of height, you hate flying

    1. Yes alot
    2. No its the viceversa
    3. Not that much
    4. I don't know what you are talking about
  7. 7 You are the kind of person who is obsessed with makeup and getting new beauty tips

    1. Yes i am
    2. No i hate makeup
    3. sometimes
    4. No am not
  8. 8 Do you like trying different recipe and ingredients for cooking

    1. Yes
    2. No i hate cooking
    3. Not really
    4. What!i would rather eat in a hotel
  9. 9 Is your dream to fly around the world and meet different people?

    1. Damn yes!
    2. No i love my country
    3. Not really
    4. I don't know

QUIZ: We tell your dream job based on your favorite activities

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  1. Quiz result


    Your dream job is to be a pilot. You are  a curious person and you want to travel all around the world.

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  2. Quiz result


    Your dream job is to be a chef. You have great skills in  cooking. When you cook everyone enjoys the tasty meal.

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    Your dream job is to be a nurse. You are a loving and friendly person. You are very generous assist people.

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    Your dream job is to be a Journalist. You are talkative and always pay attentions to every little detail around you.

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    Your dream job is to be a Dj. You are crazy about music. you make your own mixes and that a plus for you. 

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    Your dream job is to be an architect. You are very creative and drawing is your passion. You like designing new things. You are also a very organised person everything is always placed where it ought to be.

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    Your dream job is to be a beautician. You like makeup and learning many beauty tips. Your nails are always well polished. Work hard to be a beauty queen.

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    Flight Attendant

    Your dream job is to be an Flight Attendant. You are beautiful and like travelling a lot. Been a hostess will give you a good platform to fly worldwide.

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    Your dream job is to be a teacher. You like telling people what to do. You like doing a lot of research based on different topics you get.

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