Sean Andrew famously known as the hot grandson of Kibaki gave the qualities he wants in a woman. The 24year old is single after he broke up with his Ex-girlfriend vlogger Elodie Zone. Sean Andrew is well known for being an outspoken influencer who is cherished by many Kenyan women for his good looks. Celine Rue Brown, the daughter of a famous artist Akothee, was also crushing on the celebrity. He is currently a student at USIU, Pursuing Phycology, and International Relations. Sean Andrew is not dating, and for now, his focus is on work only. He is also a model and a great influencer. Sean Recently described the ideal woman he wants.

6 Qualities of an Ideal woman that Sean Andrew is looking for

  1. Should have a personality
  2. Should not be taller than him
  3. Able to speak similar languages to his
  4. Should be Street Smart
  5. Educated and able to deal with life situations
  6. A lady who is not into too much makeup

The hot male celebrity also told Heads UP of his love for mutura and jobs that are not too technical. He also talked of his modeling progress and how he gained over 80,000 followers on Instagram. He works with fashion brands and lifestyle product as a model. Sean Andrew also knows how to cook and has a great passion for traveling, modeling, and photography. The ideal woman for Sean Andrew should be presentable, color and status doesn’t matter, this will be an excellent chance for Kenyan ladies to try their luck.


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