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  1. 1 You are more likely to get into a relationship by sharing your pets online

    I know this is not very Kenyan, but studies show that the more you share your pets online, the more likely you seem to be a warm person and the probabilities of someone approaching you or sliding into your DM rises.

  2. 2 iPhone and android users are not compatible

    Studies show that iPhone users in Kenya and Android users in Kenya are not readily compatible. Most often than not when you see some couple in some high-end club in Nairobi, they will more often than not use a similar phone.

  3. 3 Women find broken screens unattractive

    This is one of the most apparent ways tech can sabotage you in Kenya. Having a broken phone screen shows that you are either broke or careless. Either way, these are not qualities high up in any Kenyan woman.

  4. 4 Social media tells us Slay queens are not wife material

    People say (hey! not me, people) that Nairobi men are afraid of a strong woman. And that is how the term slay queen came about. Slay means kill. Research shows that the more Kenyan women portray themselves as slay queens the less approachable they are, even though most do not act as they do on social media.

  5. 5 The town or city you live in will significantly affect your relationship

    Gethurai 45 people will be assumed that will walk into a date with an odi dance bounce or something like that. A person from, Lavington or some posh area will be assumed to only ask for caviar on dates. From these stereotypical ideologies, a person will have already placed you in a particular category before you meet.

  6. 6 Dating apps for Kenyans make you feel like you have many options and you end up not going on any date

    Have you ever scrolled through all your potential suitors on tinder in Kenya only to see you have 100s of suitors in your hood. This often leads to you thinking, after all, they will still be there tomorrow, and you never go on that date.

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