The story on Mama Rachael is trending on various social media. The Credibility of this story is yet to be established. A man who said to be Mama Rachael’s husband took on the social media to talk about his infidelity. He said to have cheated on his wife on many occasions; this resulted to Mama Rachael marrying another man while still married to her husband. This man admitted flirting with other women despite hurting Mama Rachael’s feelings. It seems his days were numbered as he lamented how Mama Rachael played him for a fool. This story teaches the parents of today that.

Disputes in marriages should be solved amicably

Parents ought to resolve their issues appropriately for the sake of their children. If parents fail to tackle their problems in the right manner, it can lead to failed marriages or divorce.

Respect for marriages

If Mama Rachael’s husband respected their union, then their marriage could not have broken. Marriage is a prestigious institution that should be respected. Cases of cheating on spouses have been rampant leading to divorce and failed marriages.

Virtue of Forgiveness

Mama Rachael’s Husband thought the wife had forgiven him despite flirting with other ladies. Lack of forgiveness in marriages can make parents strive for revenge to hurt their spouses. Parents should learn to forgive each other to be good examples to their children.

Loving your partner unconditionally

If Mama Rachael’s husband loved his wife unconditionally, then he would have stopped flirting with other women. For parents to make the marriage work, they have to be in love. If love ceases then disputes begin and this can lead to failed marriages.

A habit is a disease

If spouses’ bad habits become continuous it can lead to offending their partners. The pattern of flirting with other women became a norm for Mama Rachael’s husband that he didn’t realise his wife was already fed-up. Parents ought to avoid bad habits that hurt their loved ones.

Trusting of one’s marriage partner

Parents should trust their marriage partners. If you don’t trust your spouse, then the marriage ought to fail. Trust in marriages leads to happiness and lesser quarrels.

Always talk the truth

If Mama Rachael could have told her husband what was eating her up, then maybe her husband could have changed his habits. Not addressing issues in marriages can lead to anger, hate and strive to hurt your partner. Parents should sit down discuss their burning issues and address them in a mature way.




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