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You probably have heard the hashtag ifikiewazazi. Youngsters who have been misbehaving on social media have been exposed. The youngsters from universities, colleges, and high school have been posting nasty photos on social media to attract substantial social following and likes. It has brought a lousy image to the society, and people have been left wondering what will be the future of this generation.

#ifikie wazazi: Kenyans have decided to forward those images until it reaches to the relatives or parents of the youngsters. Gone are the days when the adult content was private, and for adults only, teenagers as young as 20years are now looking for attention on social media by going wild. The teenagers take photos posing in inappropriate ways and doing all the weird stuff. All this is done to get many likes and followers on social media. They don’t care about the content they post as long as it doesn’t reach to their relatives and parents.

Many parents were not aware what their children have been doing on this social media. Many people have been left wondering if parents neglected their roles in monitoring their children. Most of the teenagers post the images as anonymous but most of them are now in hot soup as their real identities will soon be known, some teenager’s parents already have those nasty photos of their kids.

Parent has been left tongue-tied after the inappropriate images of their kids were forwarded to them. Most scolded their kids for embarrassing them as most people from the church and women from the Chama had already seen the photos. The young generation is ruining their image without caring how in future they might lack jobs due to bad reputations.

Kenyans are lamenting that these youngsters might be getting these characters form their role models who also post such content on Social media. Many individuals have gone on social media to facilitate the burn of posting such content on social media.

 View the photos of ifikiewazazi below and make your judgment.











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