It has been reported that admins of some of the Instagram pages are in hot soup as the police are launching a hunt to find them. Kenyans got irritated with the Instagram pages that have images of the youngsters posing in wild positions and behaving badly on social media. 

#ifikie Wazazi: This behavior geared the hashtag ifikiewazazi as many individuals could no longer entertain this kind of lousy behavior. The police are now on the look for the individuals who stated those Instagram pages.

The Instagram pages like Sexiest Kenyans, Kenyan Slay Gallery, and Sexiest Teens 254 just to name a few that have gone overboard to promoting indecent images of young naïve teenagers. The young looking individuals from high schools and colleges are paid to participate in sexual acts.


#ifikie Wazazi: It has been reported that youngsters were caught by police on Friday, April 12 in the act of participating in the indecent photo-shoot at Michuki Park. Majority of them said that it was just a standard photo-shoot and that they were innocent of the accusations. Despite denying participating in the sexual acts, they were found with packs of contraceptives.

The photo shoots are taken at off Kijabe Street, Michuki Park where the teenagers are involved in this inappropriate acts. Police are now looking for the characters that have been recruiting the young people to get engaged in this adverse behaviors.

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