Kenyan musicians come in various forms. Some are family men, some court controversy wherever they go, some get mercilessly online.

If you have ever had designs on becoming a Kenyan celebrity, this quiz will help you know what kind you would be.

  1. 1 What kind of underwear do you wear?

    1. Thong
    2. boxer
    3. An expensive Louis Vitton boxer
  2. 2 Assuming you a rich kenyan celeb, where does your money go?

    1. Designer make-makeup
    2. paying school fees for my kids
    3. Chopper rides and blinng
  3. 3 If someone attacked on you Kenyan social media, what would be your response?

    1. Ignore it because it is the price of being popular
    2. Troll them back because i don't tolerate disrespect
    3. Release a diss track and flaunt my wealth
  4. 4 Where are you likely to be when on hoiday

    1. With my wife and kids
    2. In a pub drinking and hitting on beautiful women
    3. Shopping in London
  5. 5 How do kenyan music fans describe you

    1. Laid back family man
    2. Brutally honest
    3. Mommy's boy
  6. 6 While on stage, would you dance wildly, flash your underwear, or rub yourself against women?

    1. I would flash my underwear
    2. No, i wouldn't do any of the above
    3. Yes, i would rub myself against women
  7. 7 Do you love publicity stunts?

    1. Yes, i do
    2. No, i am laid back
    3. Once in a while

QUIZ: Which Kenyan celebrity are you?

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    you have this smooth nature about you. you take everything easy.

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  2. Quiz result


    you are full of yourself. you career comes a distant second.

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    you are full of energy. you love dancing and making people happy even though many people may find you annoying

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